Pig Iron Project


Maritime Iron is developing a merchant pig iron processing facility using proven leading-edge technologies to minimize its environmental footprint. The facility will bring proven FINEX iron-making technology developed by POSCO, currently used in Korea, to the North American market.

The projects’ ideal location enables the company and its customers to take advantage of regionally available source materials and accessible energy. The project will have access to more than US$1.0 billion of in-place support infrastructure.

Maritime Iron’s processing facility will produce up to 1.5 million tonnes of pig iron annually for sale to end-users in the steel and foundry industries. The project will create a significant number of construction jobs during its start-up phase and during operations.

The project will also generate process gasses to be recycled by the neighbouring NB Power coal-fired generating station. These gases will allow the power plant to reduce its coal procurement and lower its greenhouse gas footprint. This iron ore processing facility has a sustainable profile based on:

  • Strategic location (between iron feed sources and markets);
  • Environmentally competitive leading-edge technology;
  • Existing infrastructure; and
  • Skilled local labour.

Maritime Iron strongly believes in addressing environmental concerns, contributing to social benefit and providing solid returns to its stakeholders. Maritime is led by a strong team of experienced professionals with considerable experience in executing the development of large scale projects.

Maritime Iron is progressing through its development plan. We have commenced environmental assessment activities and have held productive pre-registration consultations with applicable regulators.