At Maritime Iron Inc, we recognize that our operations have an impact on the environment. We are constantly searching for new and better ways to preserve the balance between human progress and the natural environment. As we look to the future, sustainability and environmental compliance will remain central to our business success. 

Maritime Iron is deliberate in our commitment to using our resources responsibly to support the long-term sustainability of the Company and of the global environment in which we live and operate.



This project is being designed with best-in-class technology to be minimally disruptive to the environment. This technology is much less impactful than traditional blast furnace steel production, including lower SOx, NOx and dust emissions. It will improve environmental performance of the adjacent generating station through the recycling of our processes gases as a substitute for coal, reducing the greenhouse gas footprint further. We will seek to meet or exceed regulatory requirements and minimize our impact wherever possible. We seek alternative approaches that can reduce or offset the environmental impact of our project through advocating energy best practices and driving operating efficiencies.


First Nations

We are aware that our project will have some impact, and we are committed to engage with all groups who will be impacted by the Iron Plant, specifically, the regional First Nations communities.

The First Nations are an important part of the development of this Project and we work to ensure their values, traditions and concerns for the land and environment are respected. We will also seek to involve First Nations businesses, services, and contractors in the development and operation of the project where feasible.



Maritime Iron’s management fully understands the vital importance of establishing and maintaining a constructive and productive working relationship with communities of New Brunswick. Our team is committed to working in partnership with residents to support their social and economic well-being. We accept our responsibility for building a sustainable future not only for our employees but also for the surrounding area.

Maritime Iron strives to be a good neighbor in the local community. Operations will be conducted in a manner which respects the health and safety of our employees, contractors and of the communities in which we work. Maritime Iron fully respects human rights principles and will treat all local cultures, customs and values with the utmost respect.